First-time Students


New violin students who would like to enroll in the studio should be between 3-1/2 and 5 years old. All potential students must be toilet-trained. Children and parents are not required to have had any prior musical training. Admission is entirely dependent on the family’s readiness to learn as determined by the teacher.

The first step towards enrollment is for parents and children to come observe several lessons. This observation requirement allows families to see what is expected in terms of activities and behavior. Please contact Jen for specific information on where and when to observe.

Prior to starting lessons, parents should be as informed as possible about the Suzuki Approach. Recommended readings are Dr. Suzuki’s autobiography, Nurtured by Love, Constance and William Starr’s To Learn with Love, and Louise Behrend’s The Suzuki Approach. These materials become parents’ guides during the first few years of study.