Teaching Philosophy

Suzuki by the Sound operates within these core values and expectations; please consider them carefully before pursuing lessons.


  • I believe talent is learned, not inherited. Every child can access talent.
  • I create a positive learning environment while asking families to meet my clearly stated expectations.
  • I am sensitive to non-verbal communication, including body language, facial expression and tone of voice.
  • I take as long as necessary to set up strong foundations, which leads to faster progress and deeper musicianship later.
  • I teach children to be students.
  • I teach parents to coach kindly and effectively at home.
  • I teach students to play musically and expressively from day one.
  • I foster musical literacy by starting note recognition in Book 1 and rhythmic training in Book 2, with the reading of music beginning in Book 2.
  • I am motivated by a love of teaching, a love of playing the violin, and a love of children.
  • I am willing to learn as much as I teach.


  • Students practice every day.
  • Students listen to Suzuki recordings every day.
  • All students participate in weekly group classes.
  • Parents attend lessons and group classes for students younger than thirteen.
  • Students attend as many concerts as possible.
  • Students listen to a new classical music piece every week and learn the title, composer, performer, and conductor.
  • Students perform in three recitals each year, individually and in groups.
  • Students are responsible for retaining what they have been taught.