“Jen is the perfect music teacher! She is warm, friendly and engaging with young students (and their parents) while still making sure that they perfect the fundamentals necessary to advance as musicians. We feel so lucky that our son is part of her Suzuki studio.” –Alicia Sands

“What I appreciate most about Jen is her undying commitment to good-sounding music! Teacher Jen challenges her students to appreciate how hard work and perseverance lead to good music. My children have fun learning with Teacher Jen, and they respect her because of how much she clearly cares about them and their needs.” –Rose Etheridge

“Jen is a wonderfully engaging teacher with great insight into how to inspire and encourage children.” –Sara Ainsworth

“We are thrilled to have found Jen for our four-year-old son’s violin lessons. She is serious about music and I feel that my son is building a strong foundation under her guidance. I also appreciate the constant encouragement Jen shows as he works to learn new concepts and techniques. Her energy with the kids is great, and the weekly group classes are fun for us with a variety of music games and activities.” –Joanna Funke

“My daughter has been taking violin lessons from Jen at Suzuki by the Sound for a little less than 2 years.  I highly recommend Jen, who runs her business from a studio in her lovely home in Madrona (about a block from the park).  She is highly dedicated, has excellent credentials, and is creative in finding unique ways to make learning fun for her individual learners.  My daughter adores her.” – Jessica Barrett